Hi there! My name is Pam and I’ve been wanting to write about my hometown of Clinton. I’m a proud resident, but I moved away with my husband a few years ago, and honestly? I want to move back. Maybe writing this is a way of reconnecting. But I know that some people like to travel to Clinton, so hopefully this helps some folks.

What I Do When I Travel To Clinton, Missouri

Because I have family near Clinton, Missouri, my husband and I take trips to that area most winters. Over the years, I’ve come up with travel tips that have helped me to have better visits.

Pack Smart

It can be tricky to prepare for the weather in Clinton. It’s definitely warmer than the North East, where I live, but that doesn’t mean that it’s balmy every day. In fact, on some days, it can get quite chilly.

Because of that, I make a point of packing layers. I give myself a lot of options so that I can be appropriately dressed no matter what the weather is like outside.

Read Restaurant Reviews

While I like to try my family’s cooking, I also like to dine out when I’m out of town. There are plenty of chain restaurants in Clinton, but I prefer to try eateries I can’t enjoy at home. I always look at reviews so that I can decide which restaurants I should try.

If you spend time in this part of Missouri, you should definitely try out those tips! They’ve helped me a lot, and they can help you out as well.