This weekend I have to travel to Clinton, Missouri. My husband and some of his old college friends are finishing a trip down the Katy Trail and he is going to need someone to pick him up.

I didn’t think picking him up would be a big deal when I agreed to do it, but I admit I’d never heard of this place. Maybe I should have looked it up on a map before I agreed, but I keep my word. Fortunately, a number of good highways run in and out of this town, so getting there by car is not at all hard.

I almost kind of wish I’d gotten to go along on their trip. The Katy Trail is 240 miles of great biking, starting not too far out of St. Louis where we live and I’ll be driving him back to. I just have to remember to put the bike rack on the end of the car.

I’m not sure how his friends are getting home, as none of them are riding with us. He seems to know what they’re doing next but is pretty tight-lipped about it. Maybe I don’t want to know.