Travel Clinton Missouri

What to bring if you’re driving To Clinton, Missouri

I’ve been wanting to travel to Clinton, Missouri because I know people in that state. I have a cousin around there and my grandparents are in the area as well. The great thing about it is that you can drive there pretty easily because it’s not super crowded in most areas in the state. Of course, there is more than enough to do beyond visiting people. In the long run it’s a great way to deal with spending my time on vacation when I can get some time off of work and find a place to stay at night.

It’s not ideal for me to stay with family even if they do live in the area. I don’t like to stay with them too much because they have a lot of kids and it can get crowded really fast. I’d rather just get a motel room and then have the ability to get out to where they are regularly so that I can see what they are up to. Plus, staying a little ways away means I can do whatever I wish during the day since their homes are not that ideal for traveling to the city from. I’ve got a good friend that graciously lets me use his summer home. He works for a company that does roofing in Madison WI, and it’s a great place for a retreat.

If you’re planning to travel to Clinton, Missouri by car, there are a few things you will want to know. This can be a nice place to keep a trip, but you’ll have to remember certain things if you want your trip to go smoothly.

Bring Some Snacks

Some stretches of road may not have any stops. Don’t assume that you’ll be able to pull over and go to a restaurant whenever you want to. Pack a few snacks in case you need them.

Plan Out Your Route

Signs aren’t always clear. Make sure you know which route you’re going to be taking. You definitely don’t want to get lost while you’re on your way.

Give Yourself Some Breaks

If your drive is going to be a long one, you should definitely make sure you take a few breaks. You don’t want to be tired, cramped and sore when you’re out on the road!

It can be fun to travel across the country, but it’s never fun to be caught unprepared. Before you hit the road and head towards Clinton, make sure you’re ready of the journey that awaits you. You should be able to have a spectacular vacation.

I Have To Travel To Clinton, Missouri This Weekend

This weekend I have to travel to Clinton, Missouri. My husband and some of his old college friends are finishing a trip down the Katy Trail and he is going to need someone to pick him up.

I didn’t think picking him up would be a big deal when I agreed to do it, but I admit I’d never heard of this place. Maybe I should have looked it up on a map before I agreed, but I keep my word. Fortunately, a number of good highways run in and out of this town, so getting there by car is not at all hard.

I almost kind of wish I’d gotten to go along on their trip. The Katy Trail is 240 miles of great biking, starting not too far out of St. Louis where we live and I’ll be driving him back to. I just have to remember to put the bike rack on the end of the car.

I’m not sure how his friends are getting home, as none of them are riding with us. He seems to know what they’re doing next but is pretty tight-lipped about it. Maybe I don’t want to know.

Why You Should Travel To Clinton, Missouri

If you’re interested in getting away from it all, but don’t have a lot of money to spend on a trip, you should think about going to Clinton, Missouri. A trip to this town won’t cost you much, and you’ll be able to get a lot out of it.

Great Places To Stay

Whether you want to stay in a nice hotel or a bed and breakfast, you should be able to find a wonderful place to stay during your trip. Rates are usually very affordable.

No Flights

Plane tickets can be incredibly expensive. Thankfully, for many people, the town of Clinton is in driving distance.

Warmer Weather

If you live further north, the temperatures in Clinton will feel like a nice change. You can get out of the snow without having to go to a place that has a tropical climate.

Not everyone can afford an expensive vacation, and that’s okay. There are still plenty of fun trips that will work for a person on a budget. If you’re interested in taking a budget-friendly vacation, you should give Clinton a closer look. You’ll be surprised when you see how pleasant and inviting this city is.

Hello and welcome!

Hi there! My name is Pam and I’ve been wanting to write about my hometown of Clinton. I’m a proud resident, but I moved away with my husband a few years ago, and honestly? I want to move back. Maybe writing this is a way of reconnecting. But I know that some people like to travel to Clinton, so hopefully this helps some folks.

What I Do When I Travel To Clinton, Missouri

Because I have family near Clinton, Missouri, my husband and I take trips to that area most winters. Over the years, I’ve come up with travel tips that have helped me to have better visits.

Pack Smart

It can be tricky to prepare for the weather in Clinton. It’s definitely warmer than the North East, where I live, but that doesn’t mean that it’s balmy every day. In fact, on some days, it can get quite chilly.

Because of that, I make a point of packing layers. I give myself a lot of options so that I can be appropriately dressed no matter what the weather is like outside.

Read Restaurant Reviews

While I like to try my family’s cooking, I also like to dine out when I’m out of town. There are plenty of chain restaurants in Clinton, but I prefer to try eateries I can’t enjoy at home. I always look at reviews so that I can decide which restaurants I should try.

If you spend time in this part of Missouri, you should definitely try out those tips! They’ve helped me a lot, and they can help you out as well.